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Welcome to Osteopaths Local is the site that tells you all you need to know about osteopaths and osteopathic treatment in the UK. We will put you in touch with osteopaths and osteopath clinics in your area, whether you are looking for an osteopath in London, Manchester or Leeds.

If you are suffering from back pain, a sports injury, sciatica, arthritis, headaches, neck pain, back pain or muscular pain, you will need to locate an osteopathy clinic or osteopath in your area, to help relieve your pain and prevent future muscle problems.

The main aim of osteopathy is to relieve pain and fix symptoms, but as it is a form of holistic medicine, it also aims to make permanent changes to prevent the muscle pain from reoccurring. These may be changes caused by external forces such as poor posture at work, the way you lift etc, or internal forces such as a stiff spine. However, the causes are most likely to be a combination of both internal and external factors and a good osteopath will look at all of these.

You can get in touch with an osteopath in your area to help with a wealth of other conditions including rheumatism, joint pain, joints, whiplash, period pain, repetitive strain injury, sleeping difficulties, IBS, tennis elbow and colic in babies.

With the help of our extensive listings section, which holds contact details for osteopaths and osteopath clinics across the UK, in areas ranging from London, Bath, Bristol and Belfast to Cardiff, you will be able to find an osteopath or osteopath clinic near you to provide you with professional osteopathic treatment.

This website also contains a guide to what an osteopath does, information on what illnesses and injuries osteopaths can treat, and advice about what to expect when you go to see an osteopath for the first time. So, whether you have a medical problem or sports injury, find out if an osteopath can help you today.

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