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Osteopath Treatment

Osteopaths are able to treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from back pain, sports injuries, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscular pain, joint pain, whiplash, period pain, repetitive strain injury, sleeping difficulties, IBS, tennis elbow, colic in babies and arthritis, to sciatica.

The work of an osteopath is often confused with the work of chiropractors and many people don’t know the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath. The difference is quite in depth, but a simple explanation is that chiropractors generally work on problems that involve just spinal manipulation, while osteopaths use manipulation to restore full function to all of the joints.

Osteopaths treat different types of people, ranging from pregnant women, to sportsmen and sportswomen with sports injuries, as well as the elderly. In fact, osteopaths treat anyone who has problems with their muscles, nerves and joints, whether they are specific injuries or developing problems.

People visit osteopaths and osteopathic clinics for the treatment of:

Back pain

Osteopaths treat a wide variety of lower and general back pains including postural strains, sciatica, and spinal disc injuries. Osteopaths can carry out spinal manipulation to relieve severe back pain.


If you suffer from headaches then it may be due to stiffness or tension in your neck. An osteopath can ease your tension and will relieve your headaches.


Many people believe that once they have arthritis, pain is inevitable. However, this is not the case and regular visits to an osteopath will relieve pain and make life easier for sufferers, but cannot reverse arthritic changes.

Sports Injuries

Top sportsmen and sportswomen as well as those who do sport for fun often need to visit an osteopath to treat sports injuries including hamstring problems, knee injuries, back pain occurring after sporting activity, or any other joint and muscle problems.

Muscular pain

Osteopaths treat a wide range of muscular problems, including neck pain and shoulder pain.

If you need to find an osteopath near you, why not use our online listings directory to locate osteopaths in your area. Alternatively, if you think you need the services of a chiropractor, you can find one in your locality by visiting

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